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For example, for a credit of £ 5,000 over the course of 24 months, 24 monthly installments of £ 214.91 are paid (excluding the optional insurance). The total amount due is £ 5,157.75. The global annual subscription rate (APR) set is 2.00%.


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Our customers say every time. How about you?

The quality of service, listening and support is impeccable. With a schedule not allowing me to move me in Agency, my Advisor answer me by email any questions.

Thomas Randolph

For my mortgage application, my counselor called me constantly to situate myself on the status of my application. It's good to feel accompanied. I plan to come back soon!

Céline Toussain

I was pleasantly surprised by the time you gave me. The customer consultant and the Director of Agency, moved up to the society to take care of the paperwork. Thanks to Midas Venture Capital!

Anthony Ryan