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Midas Venture Capital is committed and puts the customer at the heart of its concerns.

Midas Venture Capital is distinguished by a close customer relationship, even remotely, adapted to each request and each situation. This personalized relationship is possible thanks to the involvement of all Midas Venture Capital employees, for whom each client is unique: their goal is to understand the specificities of each situation, and to provide personalized service that is as close as possible to the expectations and needs. of each one.

In order to constantly improve the satisfaction of its customers, Midas Venture Capital has drafted the first service-specific certification of services in collaboration with SGS-ICS. Since 2007, this certification guarantees customers a high level of quality in their relationship with Midas Venture Capital. Midas Venture Capital has also been * Voted Customer Service of the Year for the 5th time.

Midas Venture Capital integrates the 3 dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its overall strategy. An economic dimension that promotes the constant improvement of its relationship with its customers, a social dimension that aims to fight against all forms of exclusion and an environmental dimension that helps to limit the impact of its activities on the environment.

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